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  • What is Angles Selfie Museum?
    We are an interactive experience in which you can come take semi-professional or professional pictures with your friends using your phone or own camera.
  • Can I bring my own camera?
    Yes! Whether you choose to use the camera on your phone or if you are a step ahead and have a professional grade camera, all are welcome! There is a $100 fee for ANY professional camera used during your session. Just make sure you only bring a camera ONLY no extra equipment. Professional camera usage will need to be booked separately under a CONTENT shoot along with your admission .
  • Can I bring a change of clothes?
    It’s encouraged! With multiple rooms, sometimes that calls for multiple outfits. We have one restroom so you will be able to change.
  • Do I need to bring someone to take my photo?
    Having your own photographer is great, but if you don’t have one, no problem. We are here to help you take photos with your phone or camera. Our attendants can also come take group shots upon request as well.
  • Do I need to buy tickets ahead of time?
    YES, we are not accepting walk-ins. You will need to book your trip with us ahead of time by booking an appointment online.
  • How long can I be there?
    During our open-to-the-public hours, your Tickets gets you in. We’re designed to be a 60 minute to experience all of our rooms (If you are one time).
  • When do I arrive? Is there a time limit?
    Example: if your reservation shows 4pm-5pm, it means that you would need to arrive AT 4pm for your hour slot. If you are late you will not be able to utilize your full hour so please plan your trip accordingly to avoid being late.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    All tickets are non-refundable. However, you can reschedule 48 hours in advance for a different date/time at no charge
  • What age group is the selfie room good for?
    All ages are welcome to Angles Selfie Museum! Anyone under the age of 15 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Can I reserve the space for a private booking?
    Yes, you can book the space to yourself Monday and Tuesday The rates are $400 an hour for 8-10 people with a $400 Deposit (Contact us if you are interested – or call/text us at ‪(502) 509-3211‬
  • Does my photographer have to pay?
    Yes, anyone that is entering the museum must purchase a ticket online the same time slot as your group. 3 & under are free but you still have to reserve a spot online Due to COVID.
  • Are food and beverages allowed?
    No; please finish all food and drinks before entering the museum.
  • What are your COVID-19 protocols?
    We understand the severity of the virus, therefore we are implementing extra precautions to ensure the well being of all our guests and staff. We are kindly asking all our guests to put on your masks before entering. We are limiting the total amount of people present at every time slot and asking guests to respect each other’s boundaries. Please, arrive on time for your visit to ensure specific gathering limitations. As soon as you come in, please proceed to sanitize your hands. If you have any cold symptoms, please reschedule your visit. We have touchless payment solutions for applicable credit cards and Apple Pay available. We are taking this pandemic seriously and want to ensure that we can safely provide services. Therefore, we are using EPA grade sanitizers to clean all the surfaces at the museum. Also, we will be wearing masks at all times and gloves whenever possible. We will continue practicing good hygiene. Sanitizers are available at the reception. Thank you for your understanding, support and loyalty.
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